My dear friends, Grumpy Paleontologists, Intelligents Botanists, Sexy Mathematicians, Leech Lawyers, Little Children, and YOU! Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Here you will find : gifs, scenes from the film, the characters in Jurassic Park, funny and frightening times. Revisit together all the famous film.

I'm Apprile, French girl.

Ian Malcolm 

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Alan and children. 

Jurassic Park - Characters during the weekend 

Ian Malcolm, Diva.

Jurassic Park - Watch your back

Goodbye Robert Muldoon…

Goodbye Robert Muldoon…

Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant : Fear

Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant : Fear

Lex Murphy “Dr Grant…” 

Alan Grant : “Well, the main thing about climbing is never, never look down, never… Oh my god.”

Ellie Sattler “People are dying, you know ?” 

Favorite Movie Adaptations: Books

Jurassic Park (1993)

Adapted from: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Tim Murphy “Look at all it’s blood !”


All Jurassic Park’s scenery.

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Jurassic Park - Love Triangle 

Jurassic Park - Love Triangle